My name is Nicolas Brugger and I was born in Geneva.

Quite young, I already started to relieve muscular tension, using classical massage accompanied by energetic drainage.

Later, I studied geobiology which allowed me to draw parallels between the earth energy systems and those found in living beings.

Finally, I studied at the International School of Shiatsu in Kiental, Switzerland, where I specialised in this specific shiatsu practice ; I learned to touch the body releasing and mobilizing its energies with a liberating effect.

With all these experiences, I was able to earn my therapist degree in Shiatsu.

Today, in addition to my practice, I teach sitting shiatsu and other techniques to improve the touch of professionals as beginners.

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Back-pain, stress, concentration problems, helps to relax and to unwind

Relieves migraine, controls the blood pressure, helps to manage anxiety and behaviour disorders

Prevent or helps recovery from burn-out, depression, tiredness

Reduces cramps, strain and tense muscles; decreases tendinitis, soothes arthrosis and rheumatism and pulled muscles

Regulates the digestive system, in case of both constipation and diarrhea

Alleviates discomfort during the pregnancy as well as painful periods.

Relieves joint pain (rheumatism, arthritis …)

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Can dreams (desire or ideal) be made of something concrete? At first sight, dreams are intangible, nebulous, uncontrollable. However, they can sometimes come true.

The realization of a dream can take between a few moments to a whole life; patience and determination are necessary. More so, they are the principal factors which allow a dream to come true. To understand the process of making dreams come true, let’s look at the main steps. For that, we’ll use the metaphor of the formation of a drop of water and its joining the ocean.

  • The dream (a clear sky in which everything is possible). This is the junction point where the Being meets the rest of the Universe. It’s the lightest element of each living being constantly evolving with every change of position of a person in relation to the Universe, and the change of the Universe in relation to the person.
  • Imagination (the sky condenses and forms a cloud) A little denser than dreams, imagination is what links thought to dreams. Always quick to change, imagination provides a clear picture of what would ideally be the final result.
  • Thought (the cloud condenses and forms a drop). Thought fixes the imagination, catches the best picture and works towards its realisation, taking current conditions into account.
  • Action (the drop of water falls and joins the ocean). Directly effected by thought, action is its continuation. It will avoid outside influences to disrupt its realisation. This is the meeting point of the Being with tangible reality.

These 4 steps mutually affect each other; reality also influences dreams.

Ideally, dreams and reality align harmoniously. The down-side is that from the moment imagination captures a dream and thought launches the realization process, the longer it takes to make the dream come true, the more likely it is that the environment changes. In the end, the realization of the dream could become incompatible with the new environment.

To maintain coherence between dreams and reality, it’s important that the 4 steps are synchronized in their respective evolution.

Of course, concessions must be made and openness must be maintained to identify if any of the 4 steps needs to be adapted in order to reach the goal.

Shiatsu, helping the body to relax and the person to refocus, allows a better understanding of the difference steps of the realization process. Once the dream has come true, its materialization no longer belongs to us. All that’s left is to start dreaming again and continue to create.

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Shiatsu is not one but several therapeutic of touch techniques (stretching, acupuncture pressure points, massage) which where first developed in Japan.

A Shiatsu session lasts one hour; clothes should be lightweight and preferably not synthetic (tracksuit, yoga pants).

Shiatsu acts on 2 levels: the physical (muscles, tendons, ligaments) and the subtle (energetic meridians linked to the various organs). Working on these 2 levels simultaneously, helps you to feel good and to put outside aggressions in perspective. In addition, the circulatory system is stimulated as well as the parasympathetic nervous system.

Stimulating the circulatory systems irrigates different parts of the body more effectively; this carries nourishment and oxygen necessary to the body’s smooth functioning and drains toxines more efficiently.

The parasympathetic system manages the body’s slow rhythms (restorative sleep, digestion, etc.) and by activating it, regeneration and relaxation are more profound.

Shiatsu and its numerous techniques relieve and restore the body helping to achieve a greater mental calm. It is very difficult to find solutions when we are constantly under pressure, unable to find a moment of tranquility and to work out a solution.

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