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Sensitive to the universe of energies since the age of 10, I learn the basics of massage in a self-taught way, by experimenting touch and energy regulation techniques on myself and my close relatives. At the same time, I did a professional training in audio-visual electronics. The combination of energetics, the body and electronics allows me to draw parallels between scientific principles and others that would appear less so.

discovery of Shiatsu massage

In 2003, I discovered Shiatsu massage: a therapy derived from traditional Chinese medicine, which combines energy treatments and massages, in perfect harmony with my interests and natural abilities. Graduated from the international school of Shiatsu in Kiental, in German-speaking Switzerland, I opened my practice in 2009. From then on, I took additional training that allowed me to vary the approaches in order to better identify and solve patient problems. Since 2014, I also practice and teach seated massage (techniques – ).

a 6th sense

For me, a session mobilizes my five senses, supported by a sixth: intuition. This approach guides each of my gestures, and allows the patient to benefit from fully personalized care adapted to the circumstances, whether expressed verbally or perceived through the body. This ability to listen, applied throughout the treatment, allows the patient to meet his blockages and his pain in order to overcome them, with the greatest respect for his limits. Each massage induces deep and lasting relaxation, which acts on the body up to several days after the treatment.

Excerpt taken and adapted from the article “Unmissable Addresses” from the Figaro Madame website.


Is the dream (desire or ideal) made of any material? At first glance, it seems impalpable and uncontrollable. Yet sometimes it comes true. Achieving a dream can take anywhere from a wink to a lifetime. It often takes patience and persistence. These are the main factors that allow the dream to come true.

realize his dreams

To understand the process of the realization of the dream, a description of the main stages is necessary. For this, the metaphor of a drop of water forming and joining an ocean will facilitate the imagination.

  • The dream (a clear sky in which everything is possible): It is the point of junction of the being with the rest of the universe. The lightest element of any living being, it has the ability to vary to adapt to the change of position of the person in relation to his extended environment, and the change of the environment in relation to the person.
  • The imagination (the sky condenses and forms a cloud): A little denser than the dream, the imagination is what connects the thought with the dream. Always quick to change, it provides clear images of what the end result could ideally be.
  • Thought (the cloud condenses and forms a drop): It is there to fix the imagination, catch the best image and work towards its realization while adapting to the tangible conditions of the moment.
  • Action (the drop falls and joins the ocean of reality): Directly influenced by thought, it is its continuum. It will prevent external influences from disturbing its realization. It is the junction point of being with tangible reality.

These 4 stages influence each other: reality also influences the dream.

adapt your dream to the present

The ideal is that dream and reality coincide. The downside is that from the moment the imaginary has captured a dream and the thought has started the process of realization, the longer it will take to come true, the more the environment in which the dream was made risks to change. In the end, the achievement may become incompatible with the new environment.

To maintain consistency between our dream and our reality, it is important that the 4 stages remain synchronized in their respective evolutions. Naturally, concessions must be made, and great sensitivity must be maintained in order to know which of the 4 steps must be adapted in order to achieve its goal.

Once the dream has been realized, its materialization leaves our zone of influence to join universal creation. All that is left is to dream again and continue to create.


symbol of the moment

The above metaphor can be seen as a succession of intertwining moments. The duration of a moment can vary according to its perception and its experience. If we take the case of a difficult situation such as separation, illness, bereavement or moving, the sudden change between the state of departure and that of arrival will happen no matter what, moment after moment. Each of these moments has its own quality (emotional, sentimental, physical, mental), but there are some that will mark the change more than others.

negotiate the transition

In practice, “unmoment” symbolizes our transition from one state to another. It can be the one that leads to relief after suffering, it is especially the one that will lead to the release of a burden that one has carried for too long. To become aware of this segmentation is to define the key moments between the changes of state, then to reunite them in order to restore the uninterrupted continuity of the individual experience towards a broader, universal experience, without borders – whether they are internal or external.

here, now

“unmoment” represents the moment that we ideally live in a perpetual way, breath after breath, without cut or interval resulting from a before or an after, projected by the activation of our memory. It is the sensation of eternity in the present moment, it is the total and permanent openness that plunges consciousness into its sanctuary, where the last illusion of all the states that make up our being disappears to make way for the unity, emptiness and true peace.

All this is illustrated by the firm’s logo: a drop, an ocean and the point of contact.

If we decompose the image in space and time, we can see 3 distinct images:

  1. First of all the drop is born of a succession of causes giving it its present form (see above “philosophy”).
  2. The point of contact is the place and time that will be affected by the drop.
    The new environment in which she will dissolve to give birth to a new reality, far from the appearances of the past and still untouched by the dreams of the future.
  3. The waves, which represent the continuation of realization in the new place.

In this philosophy, the drop represents a vertical movement (timeless and qualitative) and the ocean a horizontal level (temporal and quantitative). In reality the drop “falls” indefinitely in a multitude of levels of reality. It will be the qualities of the drop that will define what it will project into the ocean at instant “i”.

out of space and time

The moment that will be worked on in the session will be that of the point of contact between the drop and the surface of water. This moment out of space and time can be approached mentally in the following way: imagine that the drop and the ocean’s surface are composed of the same water molecules. You will be able to see them on the lower part of the drop and on the point of contact on the surface as a continuous chain. If we get close enough to the moment when the drop and the ocean’s surface are in quasi contact, it is impossible to differentiate between the molecules of the drop and the ocean. We can say that they are simultaneously in contact and undifferentiated, yet the drop and the ocean still have their distinct form but, potentially, they are already one.

align everything in, therefore out of yourself

It is precisely this moment that is sought, where the past and the future blend in the present, where everything becomes possible. One could even say that, the present moment taking up all the space, the past, the future and all the divergences merge. This is where body and mind come together, this is where the energy centers align, this is where we become one with the universe in all its infinity.