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shiatsu – energies – massage
The energezing relaxation for muscles and brain

“Shiatsu”, which literally means “finger pressure” in Japanese, is a set of touching techniques that help restore balance to your body.

Shiatsu and classical massage are two touch techniques poles apart from each other: when the classical massage practice gliding superficially with oil on the skin, Shiatsu is practiced in depth by perpendicular pressure and dressed. Where the classic massage will superficially pass 10x at the same place, Shiatsu happen once or twice in depth on tense points. Deep relaxation will be proportional to the depth of touch.

Shiatsu is a practice of passive movememnt activation originating in the far east which uses touch to restore the circulation of vital fluids in the body.

Shiatsu creates a feeling of serenity and well-being, improving concentration, vitality and energy in the organism.

Shiatsu neutralizes stress and reduces tensions, contributing to flexibility in muscular tissue and to the relief of diverse ailments and pain.

Shiatsu is effective in eliminating water retention, particular after childbirth and before periods.

A Shiatsu session is equivalent to several hours of sport. Loose, comfortable clothing is recommended.

At a-moment.ch, you will receive shiatsu, energetics and classical massage, depending on your needs and desires.

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