the Shiatsu


The Shiatsu practitioner uses his knowledge to reveal in the various parts of the body the accumulated stress thus helping to its resorption.

Follows a profound relaxation which will facilitate the management of possible uncomfortable situation.

Shiatsu helps relaxation and after several sessions, produces a long-lasting state of well being.

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Tiredness is healthy when it indicates a reduction in energy because it signals a need to rest in order to allow the body to recover.

In certain cases, tiredness can be long-lasting. Even after a period of rest, the feeling of fatigue can remain.

Thanks to Shiatsu, the practitioner can stimulate the living energies to start flowing again. In this way, the body can rid itslef of what is preventing it from regenerating.

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The Shiatsu practitioner focuses attention on the joints and tendons as they give the body its mobility and flexibility.

Using adapted mobility and stretching techniques, Shiatsu helps to relieve cases of tendinitis, dislocation, arthrosis, etc.

While protecting the affected areas, the therapist works on stiff joints to restore suppleness and flexibility.

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Those who practice any sport know the beneficial effects of the classic massage.

Thanks to targeted techniques of touch and stretching, Shiatsu goes deeper into the muscular tissue and the ties to the tendons.

The Shiatsu practitioner balances muscle tone with the loosening of blocked muscles and stimulating those not exercised enough.

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Stay in shape! It’s amazing if you remain fit in the unbalanced environment in which we live. You have already found your own equilibrium and want to keep up your shape.

In order to maintain or improve your fitness level, it is important to keep focus on yourself and move towards a state of long-lasting well-being.

The basic Shiatsu treatment explores the full body in 60 minutes. Due to the therapist’s sensitivity, small hidden disorders can be uncovered and resolved before they appear and become worrying.

In this way, you will maintain and strenghten your feeling of well-being.

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