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sic transit

“On the water melts the snow,
as melts the peoples on earth. ”

As a snowflake dissolves in the water and instantly returns to its source, the beings, with regard to eternity, pass on the earth in the same way.

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for the contemplators, lovers of the viola da gamba and beautiful pictures.
to watch in full screen 🙂

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“I and the surrounding univers,
am the child’s dream,
woven around the grain of light,
that the queen confided to me before being born.”

what did I dream of ?

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solve et coagula

“when the univers finish his contraction, time for expansion.
as well the heart beat.”

Life is alternating and perpetual change, the thousand rhythms of the thousand creatures give the tempo.

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infini – indéfini

“Life is an undefined (quantity) succession of undefined (quality) moments”

Our soul inhabiting a “finite” body, the infinite is beyond our comprehension.
On the other hand, within “our” finite space, the infinite becomes undefined.

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ego sum

“I think so I am”

“I dream, so I become” could we increase

We carry dreams in us that carry us … but where do they carry us?

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the force

Should we say:

“May the force be with you.” or

“May you be with the force.”

I think it is better to encourage people to be with the force rather than to make them hope that the force finds them 🙂

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nothing or not mutch

It is great that life is created from nothing, only because one part believes that the other is something; Whereas if it were nothing, it would not exist.

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The sound “SU”

Group sound after a meditation during the Shin Tai workshop (abstracts) at Kiental

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Shiatsu meets Thaï Yoga Massage

Between stretching horizontally and pressing vertically, we will end up having this knot !!

July 3rd and 24th and August 3rd and 10th, 2018, from 6pm to 9pm at La Perle du Lac, to the Museum of Science History (map).

The Japanese Zen Shiatsu, represented by your servant, will make frinend with his Thai cousin the Thai Yoga Massage, represented by Mr Jens Philipp Sterz (lavoiensoi.ch).

On the program: come, we have a thousand things to share !!

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Dear friends,
It is with great pleasure that I invite you to the inauguration of the therapeutic center which recently opened its doors in January 2017.

The therapies practiced are:

  • The Shiatsu
  • Chinese medicine
  • The medicine Siddha-Ayurveda
  • Sports and therapeutic massage
  • Spiritual coaching
  • Energy Therapies

    On this occasion, you will have all the time to discuss with the different therapists their own techniques as well as possible synergies by combining the techniques.

    We look forward to seeing you on this occasion!

    invitation verrée

  • automnales 2016

    10 days
    10 hours a day
    160 treatments on chair and floor
    In an environment … how to say: no sky, no earth, no air, but concrete, metal, deep fryers, wifi relays and gsm.
    I was very happy to share my friends’ stand with BodyImpulse with whom it was more than bearable!

    publicité Shiatsu aveugle pour les Automnales 2016

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